AQA Psychology A Unit 1

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1. Limitation of the Working Memory model

  • The visuo-spacial sketchpad is to briefly explained
  • Does not account for musical memory because participants could listen to instrumental music without it impairing performance on other acoustic tasks
  • Doesn't give a better account of the short-term memory
  • Not much research has been carried out on the effectiveness of the WMM
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2. One Strength of the Working Memory model

  • The Phonological loop plays a key role in the development of reading, writing, and working memory capacity might be used as a measure of stability for certain jobs.
  • A plausible model
  • Has lots of research to back us the evidence of the effectiveness of the model
  • The central executive is very well discussed with lots of supporting evidence

3. One evaluation point of the WMM

  • Accounts to much for musical memory
  • proves that psychology is too hard for any brain
  • It is a very influential model and provides a more satisfactory account of the complexity of STM compared with MSM as it is not just a passive storage system
  • The majority of the research lacks ecological validity

4. Two difference between short-term and long-term memory in the Multi-store model?

  • Capacity is unlimited in the LTM and information can last a lifetime but the STM has a duration of only 30 seconds and limited capacity of 7 +/- 2
  • Both the LTM and STM encode and have the same capacity
  • information in the STM lasts longer than information in the LTM
  • Capacity varies dependant on the person

5. Features of the Working Memory Model

  • Central executive, Phonological loop (Including the phonological store and articulatory control system), visuo-spacial sketchpad and
  • Central executive, Articulatory control process and visuo-spacial sketchpad
  • Central executive, Phonological store, Visuo-spacial sketchpad, Short-term memory,
  • Central executive, Phonological store (Including the phonological loop and articulatory control system), visuo-spacial sketchpad and Episodic buffer


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