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Definition: the mental process involving the retrieval and storage of information
from the short and long term memory.
MultiStore Model:
Developed by Atkinson and Shiffrin
A key principle is that rehearsal must be done to pass information from one
store to another
Attention must be paid to transfer information…

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Working Memory Model:
Developed by Baddeley and Hitch and focuses on the STM
It's key features include:
o Central executivecontrol centre that deals with cognitive demands
o Phonological LoopDeals with auditory information and helps with
language acquisition
o VisuoSpatial Sketchpad deals with visual stimuli and is the internal eye

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Eye Witness Testimony (EWT):
There's different factors affecting the accuracy of EWT, factors such as
Misleading information, anxiety and age.
Misleading Information:
Loftus and Palmer investigated the effect of misleading information on the
accuracy of EWT. They found that questions phrased using a variety of words
that have similar meanings…

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Loftus et al found that elderly people are more likely to make false
identifications and were poorer at detailed recall. Elderly men were more
prone to distortions due to misleading information
Poole and Lindsey found that children aged 38 included a lot of post event
information as they're more prone…

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Memory Improvement Strategies:
Retrieval Cues:
Act as prompts to trigger recall
Baddeley found that with drivers who learnt and recalled word lists either on
dry land or under water words learnt and recalled in the same conditions were
better recalled.
Overton found that if participants were in the same psychological…

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Craik and Lockhart found that for participants who analysed material by
meaning, recall was superior
Morris et al found that football fans recalled more actual scores than nonfans
as they actively processed the information as it was meaningful to them
- It's a subjective measure and therefore can't be…


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