AQA A2 Sociology Unit 3 - Beliefs - Fundamentalism

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1. How to fundamentalists interpret their sacred texts?

  • Literally
  • As a basic guideline to life
  • They don't effect their laws only customs
  • Effects both laws and customs
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2. Is Fundamentalism regressive, progressive or both?

  • Both
  • Progressive
  • Regressive

3. What is Westoxification?

  • To integrate both values and norms into a society
  • To rid the western ways from a society
  • To bring western values into every society

4. How is Fundamentalism both Regressive and Progressive

  • Wants to become more traditional but still use western values
  • Wants to turn back to traditional ways, but uses technology to influence more people globally
  • Wants to chance society, to make it more technological

5. Can radical chance occur through Fundamentalism?

  • Yes
  • No


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