Sociology A2 AQA - Ideology

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Marxism & Ideology The ruling class control the means of production, mass media. This creates ruling class ideology - ideas that legitimate or justify the status quo. These ruling class ideology include: . 'Equality won't work because it goes against human nature.' . Victim blaming ideas about poverty - e.g Bowles & Gintis 'Poor are dumb' theory of meritocracy, where everyone has an equal chance in life, so the poor must be poor because they are stupid or lazy. .Racist ideas about the inferiority of ethnic minorities. .Nationalist ideas that workers and capitalists of one nation have more in common than the workers of the world. Thus the dominant ideas are the ideas of the ruling class and they function to prevent change by creating a false class consciousness. However, Marx believes that ultimately, the working class will develop a true class consciousness and unite to overthrow capitalism. Hegemony & Revolution - Gramsci Gramsci refers to the ruling class ideological domination in society as hegemony. He argues that the working class can develop ideas that challenge ruling class hegemony. This is because in capitalist society, workers have a dual consciousness - a mixture of ruling class ideology and ideas they develop from their own direct experience of exploitation. Therefore, it is possible…


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