AQA A2 Sociology: Past paper questions with tips Religion Module

This is a list of all the past paper questions for the religion modules - with tips on some of the more difficult questions, I found mymost effect revision method for this module was going through the questions and making plans for them - even the short questions!

Hope it's helpful x

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Unit 4 Section B - Religion

This is a data response paper so you will have one item to read and refer to.
Note - be careful not to spend too long on the short sections - 8 marks is about 8 minutes of writing
i.e. roughly half a page.…

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June 2002 - two problems in assessing the influence of religion in modern society.

Question 4 (b) (12 marks)
Note - This question refers to an item so you will have that to help you.
June 2008- Briefly examine the view that conservative or orthodox or traditionalist movements have

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June 2008
5. Assess the view that religion was once mainly a conservative influence but today is more of a force
for social change.
6. Evaluate postmodernist explanations of the role and functions of religion in contemporary society.

January 2008
5. The relationship between religious beliefs, religious organisations and…

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6. Assess the view that cults and sects inevitably turn into denominations and churches.

June 2005

5. "The main function of religion in society today is to dull the pain of oppression"To what extent do
sociological arguments and evidence support this view of religion today?
Note - the quote is…

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in the nature of religion (diversity in Post-Modern society) and that some could become mainstream
in the future.


6. "Claims that the United Kingdom is now a secular society are wrong. Both religious activity and
religious belief are flourishing." To what extent do sociological arguments and evidence support this…


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