AQA A2 Psychology Unit 3 - Eating Behaviour - Biological Explanations

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1. What is a criticism of Hetherington & Ransons study on the Hypothalamus?

  • Hard to distinguish cause and effect
  • Too simple
  • Lacks validity
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2. What happened if a lesions was made on the VMH?

  • nothing happened
  • Rats because obese - satiety side
  • Rats became underweight - hunger side

3. What is an evaluation of the biological approach?

  • Lacks reliability
  • Reductionist
  • Bias

4. What is produced when the stomach is empty?

  • Lactic Acid
  • Bile
  • Gherlin
  • Goblin

5. What was found from Carlson (2007) study on the effects of Leptin?

  • Obese mice did not make enough leptin
  • Genetically obese mice were missing the gene that produced Leptin
  • Obese mice had too much Leptin


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