AQA A2 Psychology Unit 3 - Eating Behaviour - Biological Explanations

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1. If CCK was injected what happened to the amount consumed?

  • Decreased meal size - Smith et al
  • Increased meal size - De Castro
  • decreased meal size - smith et al
  • increased meal size -De Castro
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2. Who studies the amount of Gherlin before and after eating?

  • Jacobson & Hanson
  • Griffins et al
  • Cummings et al
  • Lamb

3. What is a criticism of Hetherington & Ransons study on the Hypothalamus?

  • Too simple
  • Lacks validity
  • Hard to distinguish cause and effect

4. Who looked at the effect of lesions on the hypothalamus of rats?

  • McCarling & Donald
  • Hetherington & Ranson
  • Mathers & Anderson

5. What did Stellar 1954 study?

  • If the LH was lesioned they decreased appetite, if it was stimulated they increased appetite
  • If the VMH was stimulated it decreased appetite, if a lesion was created increase appetite
  • If the VMH was lesioned they decreased in appetite, if it was stimulated they increased in appetite


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