2nd Crusade short exam questions

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1. Main reason why Conrad III of Germany went crusading

  • he was the German Empror
  • Bernard preached about quenching the tensions
  • Duke Welf, threat to the throne, was going, so he was safe to go too
  • his relationship with the pope
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2. One reason why Louis VI of France went on Crusade

  • Very religious and pious
  • he was in debt and if he went his debts would be paid off
  • vengance
  • He was made to by Bernard

3. Why did Pope Eugenius call the 2nd Crusade

  • A necessary response to the muslims taking Eddessa
  • trick question - they're all reasons
  • The weakness of the crusader states
  • there was a christian leadership crisis in the East

4. Main reason Why Byzantium was hostile to the Crusaders

  • They were defenders of anarchy
  • The muslims had taken over
  • they couldn't whistle while they worked
  • They didn't ask for them
  • The Crusaders had killed Alexios

5. One reason why Bernard of Clairvaux preached the 2nd Crusade

  • To gain a full indulgence
  • An attempt for the Papacy to regain control of crusading movement
  • Quantum Praedecessores
  • To take over the world


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