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1774 Louis XV Dies
leaving country in debt because of war
his death saw the French monarchy at its most unsuccessful point in
political, financial and moral terms

1774 Parlements restored
One of Louis XVI's first decisions was the restoration of the parlements
A mouthpiece for the privileged noblesse

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1777 Necker appointed controller general
Financed war expenditure almost entirely through loans
almost doubled national debt
Attempted some reforms
abolition of post
cut down on extravagance
reorganisation of public accounts
plans for provincial assemblies that came to nothing because of
opposing indendants
Produced the compte rendu au roi 1781

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sometimes went to far
was wealthy
participated in slave trade
lived as a feudal lord
claimed tax exemption
build a church for his peasants despite attacking the existence of
attacked despotism

"Man is born free, but everywhere in chains"
preached human equality
appalled by repressive French absolutism and…

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general land tax to be paid by all: even the nobles, clergy and pays
d'état would not be exempt
abolition of temporary taxes such as the capitation and vingtième
vingtième was an income tax
capitation was major direct tax
assemblies to be elected by landowners to work out the level…

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The EstatesGeneral must meet
Only the EstatesGeneral could agree new taxes
Imprisonment without trial was illegal

1788 Revolt of the Nobles
Nobles incited rioting in Bordeaux, Dijon and Pau
In Toulouse, royal officials were intimidated
The intendant attacked in Brittany where plans were made for defence against
royal troops

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"What is the Third Estate?"
Sieyés' pamphlet answered, "the nation"
compelled the Third Estate to action
although the minority had control, the country truly belonged to the
The Comte de Mirabeau
French politician
elected to the Estates General
eloquence won him the leadership of the National Assembly

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1789 July 14th Storming of the Bastille
Louis blamed Necker for failure of the Estates General and dismissed him
Necker was very popular
dismissal caused upset
provincial riots and barricades set up in Paris to stop more
royal troops from entering the city
July 13th revolutionaries raided Paris town hall…

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1789 August 4th August Decrees
To quell destruction, assembly issued the Decrees
nullified feudal obligations that peasants had to their landlords
countryside calmed down
National Assembly wanted people to have more equal rights
Men are born and remain free and equal in right
Active citizen
61% men were Active, the…

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1789 October 5th March of the Women
Due to the food crisis
Stormed the city hall in Paris, acquired a mob and marched to Versailles
followed by the National Guard
King sanctioned the August Decrees and the Declaration of the Rights of Man
Royal family imprisoned in the Tuileries Palace…

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1791 June 20th21st Flight to Varennes
Louis XVI and his family attempted to escape to the Austrian border where
they were supposed to meet the Austrian army
caught just before reaching the border
brought back to Tuileries
Escape attempt lowered the people's regard for the king
made clear that he…


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