WW1 - why did Britain go to war?

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Why Did Britain go to war?

In the period leading up to 1914 the British Empire was at its largest, stretching across vast lands which equated to roughly 25% of the World’s land mass. The Empire had immense power throughout the World and was a major influence in areas such as; trade, industry and the navy etc. The gaining of the British Empire had been a struggle, and had seen thousands sacrifice their lives for the Empire and its gain of land, and as a result Britain was determined to hold onto its ‘World Power status’ and maintain its Empire at whatever cost.

Germany, and its leader, the Kaiser, became intent on rivalling Britain’s Empire and began an arms race which saw; Britain, France, Russia, Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy increasing arms budgets from £94 million during 1870 to £397 million in 1914, leading to tensions between the countries. This increased defence budget also allowed for improvements in defence.

Suspicions arose from the British that Germany was intending to take over France, the result being catastrophic for…


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