Churchill: Rearmament and Appeasement

Churchill and Rearmament & Appeasement 

Churchill was a strong supporter of rearmament, despite having pushed for disarmament in the 1920s, and twice invoking the 10 year plans. 

He believed that it was vital to stand up to German agre**ion, demonstrated through their breaking of the Treaty of Versailles (in particular the number of aircraft they were permitted to produce). This was especially important to him as he had been part of the government which had agreed the terms back in 1919.

However, his opinion was not popular, there was a strong arguement against rearmament. This was because the public fundementally didn't want to because:

  • 1/3 of Europe'** population had been wiped out in WW1, in unimaginable ways and mostly within living memory- people didn't want this to be repeated
  • Germany was not percieved to be a threat as the old ruling cla** was still maintained 
  • The 1936 Berlin olympics made Germany appear to be a functioning country
  • Hitler was seen to be similalr to Roosevelt
  • There was the belief that the Treaty of Versailles had been too harsh 
  • It was too expensive to rearm again and Britain was




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