New Liberalism: How the Boer war affected British Politics

  • Classes of society all wanted to extract maximum advantage
  • Militant feminism and trade unionism seemed to break traditional values and constraints on behaviour
  • Social reform seemed more likely to create problems then solutions
  • Years of upheaval: 15 years before WW1

Politics and War 1899-1902

  • 9th October 1899 two Boer republics in South Africa (Transvaal and Orange Free State) issued ultimatum
  • Demanded complete withdrawal of British Troops
  • Britain refused and invaded Natal, 12th October
  • Britain wanted to stay due to gold deposits in Transvaal
  • Boer aggression led Britain to war
  • This war exposed Britain's isolation and need for new foreign policy

The Government

  • At the time was a coalition with Conservatives and Liberal Unionists
  • Salisbury's leadership saw a landslide victory in 1895
  • Boer War was called Joe's War as he played a big part



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