Black Activism: Timeline

Comparison of Marcus Garvey, Ida B Wells and Booker T

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Early Activism
Ida B. Wells Book Du Bois Marc
1862- 1931 er T. 1868-1 us
Was 963 Garv
hingt ey
185 Born slave
1862 Born Slave
186 Moved to W. Virginia
1868 Born, attended high school
187 Attended Hampton Institute ­
2 enterance exam to clean a room.
Worked as custodian to pay fees.
188 Principal of Tuskegee
1884 went into teaching 188 Addressed National Education 1884 Rejected from Harvard
4 Association
1884-5 unsuccessful litigation
against railroad car
188 Supported Afro-American League 188 Born in Jamaica
7 7
1889 Wrote articles for several
black publications

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Britain 1894 Taught at uni in Ohio
against Lynching
1895 Married black lawyer 189 `Atlanta Compromise' speech
5 seemed to accept segregation and 1896 Taught at Uni of Pennsylvania
emphasise economic advancement
for blacks
189 President Mckinley visited
8 Tuskegee Attended Pan-African conference
in London
190 Founded national Negro Business 1900 190 Begins apprenticeship at
0 League 0 godfathers printing
190 Invited to white house
1903 Attacked washinton's 190 Education ends when
accommodationist philosophy 3 completes the sixth
1904 Niagara Movement ­…read more

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One of the NAACP's 190 Anxious NAACP would decrease 1909 Helped establish NAACP 190 Publishes Garvey's
founding forty 9 influence 9 Watchman; paper ceases
after third issue
1913 Helped found first black 191 Moves to London to
women's suffrage club 2 attend Birbeck College
191 Died 1909 - Edited NAACP's magazine Crisis
5 1934 wrote inspirational and
provocative articles, i.e against
lynching. Controversial "negro
nation within a nation" forced him
to resign.…read more

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investigating ways to
deport him.
192 Addresses liberty hall on
1 "Du Bois and his
escapades" and another
speaking tour begins.
192 Arrested for fraudulent
2 use of mails.…read more


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