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Date Month Event Description Factors Detail
1943November Tehran Conference Strategy meeting held between Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill. Role of Leaders
The main commitment was to open a second front.
An agreement between Stalin and Churchill on how to split Role of Leaders,
1944October % Agreement various European countries into spheres…

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Date Month Event Description Factors Detail
He took over after Malenkov, who had been
1953March Khrushchev becomes First Secretary involved in some of Stalin's atrocities Role of Leaders

1953March Stalin's Death He died at the age of 74 and was later embalmed to Foreign Policy
be put on show

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Date Month Event Description Factors Detail Stabilising
First detonation of a nuclear weapon by the US as a Weapon
1945July New Mexico Test (Trinity) result of the Manhattan Project Development 20 kilotons

1945August Hiroshima First Nuclear Bomb mission of the US Weapon Little boy, 16KT, 90,000-160,000 dead

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are aware
that they
The most powerful nuclear weapon ever detonated Weapon have
1961October Tsar Bomba 50-58 megatons more
by the USSR Development weapons
and that
there is a
gap in
1961 IRBM deployed to Turkey Delivery Systems
1962October Cuban Missile Crisis 13 day confrontation…

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Date Month Event Description Factors Detail
1949October Chinese Revolution Mao gained control of China Ideology
had the provision of a $300 million loam from the SU
1950February Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship Soviet Union officially recognised China Security
to China
A war between the United Nations and the
1950June Korean War…

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Date Month Event Description Factors Detail
1957August Creation of ICBMs USSR Political minimum range of 5,500km
1960July Creation of SLBMs US Political
Was a 13 day confrontation between the US and
1962October Cuban Missile Crisis the USSR/Cuba over the placement of nuclear Political $183 million cost to the US

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Date Month Event Description Factors Detail
The USSR enter Afghanistan in order to take
1979December USSR enter Afghanistan
control of reforms
1981January Reagan appointed Defence spending increases
Strategy to oppose the global influence of the
1981January Reagan Doctrine USSR

1981March Poland Strikes Memebers of the group Solidarity were beaten


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