Wolsey's Rise to power.


Cardinal Wolsey's Rise to Power. 

How did Wolsey rise to power?

Wolsey's rise to power was due to a mixture of luck and skill. It is clear that Wolsey was ready, willing and very able. However it was also fortunate that at the time of Wolsey's arrival to Henry VIII's court many of Henry VII's advisers and ministers were ageing and ready to settle down and retire. This left Wolsey free to take the spotlight and attract Henry's attention. 

That said Wolsey possessed a fine mind which is shown clearly by the fact that he managed to gain his first degree from Oxford aged just 15. From there he went on to take holy orders in 1948 and his first post was as chaplain to Henry Deane, the Archbishop of Canterbury. He was then introduced to Henry VII by Sir Richard Nanfan, in 1507. This means that Wolsey was introduced to Henry VII at the end of his reign. Wolsey then went on to complete diplomatic missions in Scotland and the Netherlands. It was in 1509, at Henry VII's death that gave Wolsey his chance to shine. 

The new regime under Henry VIII began with a new optimism and hope. Henry VIII wanted new, vibrant administrators to delegate to as he was too busy flirting, hunting or generally doing something else. 

In1509 Wolsey becomes the Royal Almoner, a post that automatically made him a member of the Royal Council. This gave Wolsey the chance to win the attention of the king and gain his trust. Vital to any 16th century minister. In 1509 Henry VIII was young, politically inexperienced and more interested in sport and women. Henry VIII could not be bothered with administration and matters of state. His energetic Almoner was more than willing to do this for him. 

Wolsey's first…




The date in the second paragraph should be '1498' as oppose to 1948.