Cardinal Wolsey

Wolsey Key Points

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  • Cardinal Wolsey
    • Reasons for Wolsey's rise to Power
      • Wolsey's rise was down to a combination of luck and skill
      • Became Deane of Canterbury in 1502
        • Became Henry VII's  chaplain in 1507
          • Became Royal Almoner in 1509
            • Place secured in Royal Council
              • 1514- Bishop of Tournai and Lincoln
                • Cardinal and Lord Chancellor
                  • Legate a Latere
    • Relationship between Wolsey and Henry
      • After the 1513 invasion, Henry trusted Wolsey completely.
        • Wolsey viewed as Alter Rex- second king
          • Relationship purely political
            • Numerous disagreements but their relationship lasted so long because Wolsey was loyal
    • Domestic Policy
      • Took on too much domestic administration
      • Henry VIII craved foreign glory
        • Aspects of domestic policy were important to foreign policy
      • Justice
      • Enclosure
      • Fifteenths and tenths VS Subsidy
    • Wolsey's fall from power
      • He failed to obtain a divorce from Catherine of Aragon
      • Failed to successfully form an overseas alliance
      • Amicable grant- Henry began to doubt Wolsey
      • Short term opportunist faction tried to get Wolsey removed from court


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