Relationship between Henry VIII and Wolsey


Wolsey's Relationship with King Henry VIII 

Wolsey's political relationship with the king - 

One of the crucial elements to Wolsey's rise to power was his relationship with the king and thus the way in which he gained the trust of the king. After the perceived success of the invasion of France in 1513 Henry trusted Wolsey unequivocally.  Wolsey knew that as long as he served the king his position was secure. 

Traditional historians (older historians such as G.R Elton) view Wolsey as an Alter Rex or second king. This suggests that Wolsey held real power at court and almost resigns Henry to a passive roll in government. This is the typical puppet master interpretation of Wolsey and Henry's relationship. 

This view is challenged by newer historians (revisionist historians to give them their full name such as John…


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