wolsey in tudor england

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Church positions:

  • 1514 bishop of tournai and Lincoln

  • 1514 archbishop of york

  • 1515 cardinal

  • 1518 legatea latere

Government positions:

  • 1509 royal almoner (member of royal council)

  • 1515 lord chancellor

Rise to power

  • Luck-he came to be noticed at the time henry was keen to separate himself from his fathers old advisors. Wolsey was same age and capable.

  • Opportunism- manipulated situations in ways in which would benefit him and henry. Took all available opportunity to further his intentions and gain positions.

  • Pragmatism-adapted his beliefs and attitudes accordingly to henrys and did everything efficiently

  • Ability & Skill- highly intelligent, graduated oxford at 15, coped well with demands of henry

Maintaining power

  • + all rising factors

  • Hardworking- constantly did all of government administration work and personally attended to everything made appearances at star chamber as chief judge

  • Ruthlessness- completely controlled the patronage and eliminated opposition through constant surveillance eg:

    • Eltham orinances- reduced size of chamber from 12-6 halving


    • Removal of duke of Buckingham-charge or heresy death was



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