Henry VIII and Wolsey

There are a series of revision notes in the form of spider diagrams which i created to aid my revision based on Henry VIII and Wolsey specifically for unit 6521A on the edexcel Board.

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Almoner to
Henry VIII 1510, registrar
of the Order of
the Garter
1509, Dean of
1513, Dean
Lincoln and
of York Secular Posts 1515, Lord
1524, Papal
1514, Bishop
Legate for
of Lincoln
Life He
Was a keen
befriended Won patronage
and diligent
Henry of important
1521, Abbot 1514, Bishop people
of St. Albans Clerical Posts of Tournai
Had the drive and
confidence to Outstandingly
1518, Papal 1514, seize opportunity able
Legate a Archbishop Why was he
Latere of York
He was reliable able to rise Allowed Henry to
1518, Bishop to the top? continue his
1515, leisure activities
of Bath and Prepared to
Wells take calculated
`He was in the He was an
Mixture of
right place at the unprincipled and
merit and
right time'[Russel selfish go-getter
good fortune

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Could prevent Transferred court
spread of heresy or cases from one Became the
reform churches system to the other head of Law
and Order
(2nd to King)
Created a 10% Nothing in
Inheritance tax (in Clerical practice could Methods Reversing
practice) Power limit his powers the outcome
of cases
Power to appoint clerical Built up a Listened to
posts and levy fees powerful the poor Rapacious
power base
Never used
Could impose Head of violence
Could be He spoke to
vast fines or Courts Rome…read more

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Less than half Size of a
from posts he Gentry's annual
held income
Income &
Fees from How
Never On having a
Saved good time
Lavish furnishings,
preparations &
Wolsey (Christ displays
Richest man in York
Church) Place
England (in terms of College, Oxford
capital), other than
the King.…read more

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Wolsey only enjoyed independent decision making when Wolsey had Ultimate
"Wolsey carried on all the business at Wolsey was completely
Henry was prepared to let him do so ...…read more

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Henry found someone to do the day to day
Until 1520s Wolsey (Christ
"Pride, running of the country so he could enjoy
received Church)
covetousness and himself
considerable College, Oxford
degree of latitude Recognised that in order to
have an excellent man of
business [Wolsey] he would
"Despotic Hampton have to pay a high price
authority of the Court
State" [Pollard] Wealth Got to see the
York nobility squirm
Place under the son of
a butcher
"Still the final-arbiter
Benefits for He got Hunting…read more

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However; Henry Henry had slowly been
still not convinced that his long-
convinced of time leading servant
Wolsey's must suffer the only
faithlessness fitting end to his period
of domination ­ death.…read more

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E.g. Duke of
Buckingham ­ In
Henry's and Wolsey's Reasserted
disfavour themselves after the Nobility supported
death of Henry VII Henry's War Policy
Wolsey was
resented because
There seems to have been he was the son of
no intention on Wolsey's Suggested the a butcher's son.
part to destroy the nobility, relations between
just to bend it to Henry's Wolsey and the
will.…read more

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Westminster Wolsey centralised Chamber and Privy
Infiltrated his own 1518, Wolsey
local government Chamber important
man, Richard Pace concerned with
with success parts of the royal
Local officials Henry's young
favourites household
responded quickly
& efficiently to The royal court was
royal introductions still very much the
centre of power No major reform of
Wolsey kept a careful government
watch on who
surrounded his master
on a daily basis The council were
quick to grumble if
they had not been
consulted by Wolsey
No…read more

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Dealt with rooting out Increased public Wolsey's legal reforms
fed the resentment Increased it's
perjury, contempt in respect but made
against him especially workload
court and intimidation enemies within the
of juries nobility with the nobility
Wolsey asked publically
for cases to be brought
1516, Earl of
before him, promising
social status would be no Court of Chancery Dealt with property,
sent to prison for
protection wills and contracts
contempt of court
Established overflow
tribunals such as the
Court of Star one in Whitehall,…read more

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Reclaimed the crown lands.
Had Little effect of Finances
1515, Act of
"Wolsey's greatest
weakness lay in the realm of Subsidy, this was a Brought in 300,000 aiding
finance" [G R Elton] flexible income based on Henry VIII's desire to build
valuations of tax payers extravagant buildings and
wealth. It became more furnish them. And his
realistic as people had constant wars.…read more


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