WJEC AS Sociology - SY1 - Agents of socialisation, peers, religion and work

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The role of peer groups in the process of socialisation

Peer groups are made up of people of a similar age who might be friends. Young people spend a great deal of time together in school and, because this, friendship groups or peers can play an important part in the socialisation process. One way in which peers influence each other is through peer pressure; for example, persuading to dress or behave in a particular way.

When indivduals fail to conform, they are sometimes rejected and left feeling isolated. This is an example of informal social control, which often causes people to conform rather than to suffer rejection.

The role of religion in the process of socialisation

Despite the fact that the UK is often described as a secular (less religious) society, religion continues to play a significant role in the socialisation process for many people. Written rules encourage people to follow specific moral codes that are reflected in the norms of particular religions. Religion is often closely linked…


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