WJEC AS Sociology - SY1 - How are people socialised?

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Socialisation is a lifelong process, but we can divide it into two separate stages; primary socialisation and secondary socialisation.

Primary Socialisation

Primary socialistion is the first stage in the process of acquiring our cultire. It occurs in the early years of life through contact with family members, carers and other children.

Secondary Socialisation

This is the second stage of the socialisation process, which occurs after the period of early childhood and continues throughout life. This involves contact with institutions and indivduals, such as schools, work, peer group and the media.

Agents of Socialisation

This is the term given to the institutions involved in transmitting the norms and values of society through the process of socialisation; e.g. family, schools, peers, the media, religion and work.

The role of the Family in Socialisation

Children also learn how they are expected to have in accordance to males and females. What children actually learn can vary due to social class, ethnicity and religion. However, the process of socialisation is likely to be similar.

E.g. Sanctions are reactions to behaviour


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