Why was there a coalition government in May 1915?


Why was there a coalition government in May 1915?

The Development of the coalition 1915-1916

In early 1915, a scandal was brewing at the highest level in result of the failure of the Liberal govervment to provide sufficient munitions for the war effort. The attitudes of Asquith's government at the start of the war had been to insist that the war could be fought on the basis of 'business as usual'. 

By Spring 1915, this policy had restricted the war effort on the Western Front that the Unionists refused to continue supporting the government unless something was done. The government has weakened. As a result of these restricted war efforts, Asquith had agreed to the formation of a coalition government of National Unity. Since the co-operation of the Trade Unions was essential to the war effort, Henderson, leader of the Labour Party was invited to join the Cabinet to be representative of Labour interests. Other Labour leaders were brought into…


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