Domestic Isssue: Britain 1918 - 1951

KQ1 - What was the impact of the First World War on the Labour and Liberal parties by 1918?
           Why did the Labour party gain and lose power in 1924?

KQ2 - How successful was the Conservative party from 1918 - 1929?

KQ3 - What were the causes and significance of the General Strike (1926)?

KQ4 - Why was a National Government formed in 1931 and how successfully did the National Government of 1931 - 1939 deal with their domestic problems?

KQ5 - What was the relationship between war and welfare developments 1931 - 1951?

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KQ1 - Background Information


  • 1914-1916 Asquith led the war
  • Liberals had been in power since 1905 and Asquith had been in power since 1908
  • He was lazy and a known drunkard
  • Lacklustre leadership style during the beginning of the war in 1914 - 1915 led to increasing criticism
  • 1915 - formation of coalition government with Conservatives in the Cabinet including Bonar Law

Munitions crisis

March 1915-

  • Battle of Neuve Chapelle
  • Sir John French (commander) told the Times newspaper their failure was a result of a shortage of shells
  • LG (Chancellor) believed there needed to be many improvements to the munitions industry which Lord Kitchener (war secretary) he said, was not up to the task of this overhaul
  • LG told the Times and the Daily Mail to publish French's comments on the 'Shell Scandal' - an act of disloyalty
  • 10 days later, May 17th 1915, the Liberal government fell however Asquith was still Prime Minister
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