Liberal decline

Niall Connors

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  • liberal decline
    • Population change and nature
      • Downfall of the liberal party, far more working class voters
        • Reform acts of 1867 & 1884
    • Growing Labour party
      • 1900, 1906 + 1910, general elections results showed Lab party were gaining significant ground
      • 1900- 62,698   2 MP's in parliament
        • 1910- 505,675, 42 MP's in parliament
      • 1910- 505,675, 42 MP's in parliament
      • Labour party gave a voice to working class people
      • Coupon Election 1918 -2,245,777, votes just under 21% of total ,57 MP's elected
    • Asquith-Ineffective Leader
      • Seen as weak , early parts of war seen as indecisive lacking energy and direction
      • LLG Vs. Asquith
        • Lloyd George wanted conscription for married men after battle of Somme, Asquith did not , Asquith gave in given LLG status
          • December 1916, felt sufficiently Powerful to call for creation of War council , in which he would be in charge of removing control of war away from Asquith
            • Asquith refused, LLG resigned followed by Bonar-Lar
              • Aquith resigned aswell expecting to be called back by liberals and conservatives, instead the king called upon LLG to from a new coalition goernment
    • Diminishing Influence of LLG
      • Policies and manner in which carried out made him many enemies
      • Asquith and his supporters never really forgave him for the way in which he was removed from the premiership
      • He alienated both liberals and conservatives, when attempting to form his own party when the coalition began to fail
      • Lacked Accountability and in june 1922, exposed for selling peerages and knighthoods for cash
    • By Niall Connors
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