Why did the 1848 revolutions fail?

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  • there was lack of leadership;
     CHARLES ALBERT, POPE PIUS IX and MAZZINI were all possible contenders for uniting Italy but they all proved unsuccessful
  • Charles Albert declared war on Austria and it seemed initially like he was going to win but he was defeated 24th July 1848 Battle of Custozza
  • then he came along again, felt guilty about giving into Austria and handing Lombardy back over so he again declared war on Austria in March 1849 but he was defeated, again, 23rd March 1849 - battle of Novara
  • he was a broken man and abdicated in favour of his son, Victor Emmanuel II
  • the Pope was the first liberal Pope and many were excited about this fact; he granted a series of reforms, released 2000 political prisoners and freed the Jews from ghettos
  • but after his army commander fled, disobeying orders, he became anrgy because he was not at war with Austria (who the commander went to fight with Albert)
  • he issued the Papal Allocution late April 1848 announcing he would not help Italy become a federation or even unite…


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