Prussian revolution and Frankfurt Parliament

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Prussian Revolution: Berlin:

  • began on the 13th March 1848
  • took place in Berlin
  • initially, the revolution was due to pay and working conditions
  • the revolutionaries would throw stones at the soldiers, the troops however responded by opening fire
  • a few days later, 18th March, a large crowd appeared in front of Frederick William's balcony, when he emerged, the crowd cheered
  • just a day before that, news broke that a revolution began in Vienna, taking Austria's attention away briefly
  • Frederick ordered his troops to clear the crowd, however some sort of miscommunication must have gotten through to the army because they shot dead 300 rioters
  • the king was known not to be one who liked bloodshed, so after the incidenct, he called for calm and peace
  • 19th March, Frederick appeared on the streets of Berlin wearing the German colours declaring "I want liberty/unity"
  • he…


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