How Did Louis Napoleon Come To Dominate The 2nd Republic?

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  • How Did Louis Napoleon Come To Dominate The 2nd Republic?
    • Weak Opposition
    • 1848 Elections
      • Appeal to all classes
      • Thiers and other politicians felt that they could manipulate Louis Napoleon
      • Weak Opposition
      • No partake in the June Days- was in exiled in April 1848
    • Provisional Government
      • Universal suffrage for men
      • Right to work- given and then taken away
      • The 'dole'- Economy could not provide for all of the unemployed- 120,000 given the dole, 50,000 still left unprovided for
      • The removal of the right to work angered the artisans- they aimed to continue the 1848 revolution- uprising crushed by Cavaignac
      • Set up by Lamartine
    • Religious Policies
      • Supported the Pope in Italy when there was a threat of revolution there
        • This appearance of being a good catholic won popularity with the silent catholic rural   majority
    • Political Policies
      • First political campaign of its sort
      • Importance of his NAME- Napoleon!
      • Not involved in the June Days- used as a political stunt to sympathise with its victims
      • Represented glory to the peasants and state intervention and socialism to the artisans
    • Personality
      • In prison for 6 years after 2nd coup- still felt it his destiny to rule France
      • Either in exile or prison for the majority of his early life- unknown figure
      • Liberal upbringing
    • Developement of Bonapartism
      • Publishments
      • Napoleon's revival under Louis-Philippe
        • Arc De Triomphe
        • Return of the ashes


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