Why Did Charles I Resort to Personal Rule in 1629?

1. England's foreign policy in the 1620s was disastrous. Every English military expedition failed.

2. The Duke of Buckingham was blamed for these disasters. He was unpopular for having too much influence over the King. Parliament demanded his downfall, but Charles I defended him from impeachment by dissolving Parliament.

3. The King needed Parliament's financial help because of the wars with Spain and France. Parliament used this power to claim the right to discuss issues that had traditionally been part of the King's royal prerogative. These issues included foreign policy and religion.

4. Frustrated by Parliament's refusal to grant tax unconditionally. Charles resorted to 'prerogative' taxation, for example the Forced Loan. He also collected Tonnage and Poundage without Parliament's permission.

5.Charles was apparently ill-suited to the task of persuading Parliament to co-operate with him…




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