Why did Britain make alliances with Japan, Russia and France?


Anglo-Japanese Alliance 1902

January 20th 1902-Britain and Japan signed the naval alliance, Britain had considerable investments in Japan and to protect these they signed an agreement. The alliance obligated them to reamin neutral if one of them went to war; however, if another country or several others got involved they had to come it its aid, engaging in war itself. 

Britain similarly to Japan feared Russia's naval power as Russia threatened Britain's dominance in China. Japan was starting to gain economic power and feared they would be taken advantage of like China. Japan felt the alliance would help them advance towards industrialisation.

Tension between Japan and Russia becoming greater, Russia's military expansion was threatening to take over parts of China and Korea- Japan knew it could not go to war without support of Britain as an ally. 

Triple Entente 1907

Britain had a strong idea of splendid isolation…


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