Lloyd George’s coalition, policies (1)

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  • Lloyd George’s coalition, policies
    • Foreign policies
      • Tried to maintaintain co-operation at Versailles & later on
        • Prestige abroad, but scrutiny for not focussing on domestic policy
      • USA wanted armistice (14 points), didn't want to lose men for UK & French empires
        • France taking Rhineland would disturb balance of power
    • New Mandates
      • Former German colonies ran by LON in country's interests
      • Disputes in Iraq over Palestine being a home for the Jews
      • Japanese nationalism - had German Kiachow, UK  had to defend East Asia
      • African colonists raised defence & admin costs
    • Problems with peace treaties
      • Loss of land, reparations, guilt cause - German unrest
      • LON lacked US support, no army, sanctions ineffective
    • Chanak Crisis
      • Turkish nationalists massacred Greeks 1922 moved North
      • Treaty of Sevres 1920 gave Greece some Turkish land
    • Japan
      • Britain was forced by US to abandon alliance with Japan. US agreement of 5-3-3 naval power
    • Russia
      • Had to stop fighting Bolsheviks, refused to load Jolly George with arms for Poland. Bad relations
    • Irish policies
      • Nationalism due to harsh treatment of Dublin rebels 1916  &  conscription. Home rule 1914 not implemented
      • Cons didn't want Home Rule, led to war, LG had to accept repression, not taken well by public
        • Treaty of London 1921
        • British monarch but Irish self governing, Empire intact but Cons not happy about giving into terrorism & losing authority


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