The Origins Of the First World War


Europe dominated the world in 1914

Germany was the leading power in Europe both economically and in the militaryRussia was developing rapidly but was backward to begin with. 


  • USA was now a leading power producing more pig iron and steel than Germany
  • Japan was rapidly modernized ( Russo-Japanse war of 1904-5)
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The Different political systems

  • Britain Constitunal Monarchy
  • France - Democratic forms of government
  • Germany - Keiser and Elected lower house of the parliament
  • Russia - Tsar(emperor)
  • Austria-Hungary - Autocratic ruler
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The building up of an empire by seizing territories overseas. 

Britain was the leading colonial power.

Africa was taken over completely by the european powers.

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Triple Alliance:

  • Germany
  • Austria-Hungary
  • Italy

Triple Entente:

  • Britain
  • France
  • Russia
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