Why Characters Do Things Part 2.


This kind of thing is tricky the first time you try it. But the more you do it the easier it'll get, and knowing the play inside out doesn't hurt.

Make sure you know What They're Up To.

If you know what goes on in the play, you can work out a lot about the characters.

Prospero openly admits in Act 1 Scene 2 that he didn't really pay attention to being a Duke - he was more interested in magic and learning. He allowed his brother Antonio to take power from under his nose.

Remember who's Who.

When writing about a character, remember to talk about what their position is in society and how they're related to the other characters.

Prospero is an outcast - he used to be a powerful Duke, but he was forced out by his brother Antonio and he now lives on a remote island. Apart from Prospero and his daughter, the only people on the island are the monster Caliban


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