Little hidden themes and things in 'of mice and men'

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Here are a few things that we've been taught to mention :)

  • J.B. Priestley names the book 'of mice and men' because it is based on a scottish peom that has the end line of 'the dreams of mice and men often go astray' this relates to all the characters in the play for example Curley's wifes' dream was to 'be in the pictures' but she 'never got that letter', Lennie and George share a dream of 'living off of the fatta the land' but this dream is ruined by the fact that George has to shoot Lennie. This can also be link to the American dream that was ever rarely reached -it was simply just a fantasy.
  • Another thing is the ongoing violence; 2 small but important parts of violence is the continuous growth of things that Lennie kills; first he kills a mouse which is quite small, then he kills a puppy and then he kills Curley's wife. Following the pattern, the only option for George was to kill him because the things would just keep getting bigger and bigger. The second part of violence would be at the very beginning before we are introduced to the two main characters we read about a heron and a watersnake: This is a little violence and in the end, we are brought back to the 'brush…




J.B Priestly is Inspector Calls, you mean Steinbeck lol :)



Priestley did not write omam. 

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