R&J Essay Question: Mercutio (25m)


This is how I answered the WJEC Eduqas 9-1 specimen paper question on Mercutio. You can use this essay as a guideline for how you would want to answer similar questions on his character, or read through this as part of your revision process.

I hope you find this useful and / or informative. 

‘Even though Mercutio dies at the beginning of Act 3, he is very important to the play as a whole.’ Show how Mercutio could be described as important to the play as a whole. /25 marks

Mercutio is a key character in Romeo and Juliet. His witty character influences the structure, form and plot of the play.

Mercutio, whose first memorable scene is in Act One Scene Four, persuades Romeo to attend the Capulet Ball. He tells Romeo, “you must dance.” This is key to the plot and storyline of the play: if it wasn’t for Mercutio, the events following Romeo and Juliet’s meeting wouldn’t have occurred, and therefore the play would be completely altered and unrecognisable from the one we know today. This demonstrates from the very beginning that Mercutio is a central character in the play.

Another way in which Mercutio is significant in the play is that he is an antidote to Romeo’s obsessive, love-sick character. Mercutio is very clear that he doesn’t believe in love. These references are implied in his Queen Mab speech: “Oh then I have seen Queen Mab.” Magical imagery and fairies predominate the dream world that Mercutio presents, and implies that dreams are simply the desires of those who are asleep. This shows us that he thinks love…


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