Inspector Goole

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  • Inspector Goole
    • Described as creating an impression of massiveness, solidity +purposefulness
    • As each character part in death of Eva is revealed he is constant and unmoving
      • He is a catalyst (increases rate of something)
    • He speaks calmly and steadily but also sternly and grimly
    • Several references to him taking control and intervening
    • The inspector could be a mouth piece for Priestley's own views + as a contrast to Birling's views
    • He has also been called a dramatic device to move the plot along
    • It is inspector who moves things along and take control of how and when revelations occur.
    • The fact he is ordinary in appearance underlines the fact he isn't ordinary in the way he asks questions and his attitude toward other character
    • He is direct and takes charge on number of occasions - Birling's remark on his rudeness
      • When is unveiled as not being a real inspector it makes huge difference to Mr/s Birling and Gerald as they've simply avoided a social scandal whereas for Sheila and Eric it makes no difference
    • He is very single-minded and seems very certain of himself and his facts
    • He seems all knowing, which Sheila recognises
    • Some critics argued he is like a confessor figure with characters revealing their sins to him, he doesn't make it easy
    • Seems to be working in a very time tight scale and makes a number of remarks about being in a hurry
    • Various possibilities of what he represents; Priestley, God, voice of conscience, drama device, ghoul or evil spirit or forewarning of judgement day
    • Power of Inspectors character lies in not knowing what he is or represents
      • Priestley gives no clues and leaves it to the reader to decide


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