What were the achievements of the Weimar period?

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As Gustav Stessemann as Chancellor, Germany saw vivid transformations.


He saw the creation of the Dawes Plan which allowed the payment of reparations to be wider spread across a longer period of time. This also saw 800 million marks in loans from the USA into Germany which was used to pay off debts. Industrial production benefited from this money and by 1928, industrial production had rose to what it was before the war.

Poets and writers boomed, especially in Berlin. Songs were sung that would have been banned under the censorship during the kaiser's reign. Night clubbing became popular. The 1920s were seen as the Golden Years for German Cinema with some films being shot in Hollywood and with German acresses.

Even politics became more stable as there was less need for extremists to be voted into power. The Nazi party in 1928 gained less than 3% of the vote.

Stressemann greatest achievements were in…


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