Germany 1919-1945 Was Weimar Republic doomed from start

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Why was the treaty of Versailles so unpopular in G


  • Could not afford reparations
  • Did not accept defeat
  • Didnt accept war guilt
  • Economic crises
  • Lost building empire
  • Oftern lived under foreign rule
  • Other countries were not disarming
  • Lost pride without armed forces 
  • Lost industial area
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Why were the Spartacists a threat to the Weimar Re

The Spartacists were a threat to the Weimar Republic as they believed in Communism. The Spartacists wanted to take over the factories and give it to the people. The W R decieded to destroy this problem by inviting the Freikorps along with the German army to kill them. The Spartacists wanted to start a civil war and therfor was a threat to the W R.

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Why did the French occupy the Ruhr in 1923?

In the Treaty of Versailles it states that if the Germans did not complete one of its reparation payments then the French could move in with its army and take over the Ruhr. In 1923 the Germans failed to pay Reparations and therfor the French moved in with their troops. The Rhur was a demiliterised zone and therfore the Germans could not defend the factories or have any say in the matter.

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What were the effdects of Hyperinflation on the W

The W R was hit badly by Hyperinflation. The public lost all fate in the W R and their way of life. Hitler gained support as did the communists. The W R was still having to pay reparations to the Allies and was starting to fall behind in the frequent payments. The Mark became worthless and therfor the amount of Marks needed for a brittish pound went up.

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What was the Rentnemark

In 1924 Streseman accepted the Dawes plan and created a new Mark (Money) called the Rentnemark.

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What was the Dawes Plan?

The Dawes plan was a American agreement with Germany stating that it would lend them money. The Americans could ask for the money plus the interest in a short period of time. (4 days) Germany could therfor start rebuilding their economy and become a power once more.

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How did Streseman help Germany recover?

  • In 1923 He asked Germans in the Rhur to get back to work
  • Accepted the Dawes plan and introduced the Rentnemark
  • In October 1925 he agreed to the Locarno Treaty which sorted out Germanys Western boarders
  • In 1926 He made Germany join the League of Nations
  • In 1928 He was one of 65 countries to sign the Kellogg-Briand Pact. This stated that Germany would not use violence to settle disputes.
  • In 1929 the Young plan replaced the Dawes plan which Reduced the amount of Reparations Germany had to pay and also added the amout of years to pay them to 59 years.
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Why did Germanys relationships abroad improve?

The Weimar republic was all about peace and democrocy.

Under the rule of Streseman Germany was all about peace and accepting that they had caused the war. Streseman had Joined the league of Nations and had started disarming the German Army. Thhis meant that Germany was becoming a peaceful nation and that it was safe to trade and do agreements with them. This lead to other nations relations with Germany was stronger as there was a trust formed.

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What were the achievments of the Weimar period.

  • Relations with other countries
  • Brought Germanys economic crises to a close
  • Joining the LON
  • Berlin became the centure of culture for Germany
  • Advances in Art and Music
  • Ceated a plan for the future
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