Weimar Government under Stresemann - Achievements

Achievements for the Weimar government when lead by Stresemann

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Weimar Government Achievements under Stresemann -

  • he arranged the Dawes Plan
  • negotiated the reparations to be paid over a longer period of time
  • 800 million marks were poured into industry by loans from the USA
  • by 1927 industry had recovered
  • 1928 industry was at the same level of production as before the war
  • reparations were being paid and exports and trade were increasing
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Weimar Government Achievements under Stresemann -

  • writers and poets were flourishing
  • artists produced powerful paintings
  • a new architecture style was developed
  • it was the 'golden age' for cinema in the 1920's - it produced many good actors and actresses
  • the Kaiser had put censorship on bands, singers and dancing - these were removed
  • bands and singers could sing about anything they wanted eg. critisising political leaders
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Weimar Government Achievements under Stresemann -

  • polictics were more stable 
  •  parties supported the Weimar democracy got most of the support
  • the Nazi party achieved 3% of the vote in 1928
  • Stresemann was right wing and got much support
  • he was more skilled than the leader before him (Ebert)
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Weimar Government Achievements under Stresemann -

  • Foreign Policy was Stresmann greatest triumph
  • in 1925 he signed the Locarno Treaty so Germany's west borders ( with France and Belgium) would not be changed
  • in 1926 German was accepted into the League of Nations
  • he reverse some of the terms of the Treaty of Versailles - reparations and eastern frontiers
  • Negotiated the Young Plan which lightened the reparation burden and removed Allied troops from the Rhineland
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