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Foreign Policy…read more

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Slowly but surely Stresemann biult up Germanys prosperity again.
Under the Dawes Plan (receiving Ameriacan loans) reparations were spread
over a longer period and money from the USA was poured into industry.
In 1928 Germany finally achieved the same amount of production as before
the war and it became the world 2nd largest industrial power.…read more

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In the Kaisers time there had been a strict censorship, but the Weimar
constitution allowed free expression of ideas.
New ideas about architecture developed (the Bauhaus style)
Harsh and shocking paintings were developed, portraying images of how
soldiers had been traumatized in the war.
People began going to clubs
Cinemas produced amazing films.
Artists produced songs about sex which would have shocked an earlier
generation.…read more

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Politics became more stable
More moderate Parties began to obtain more seats in the Reichstag than the
radical and extreme Parties.…read more

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In 1925 Stresemann signed the Locarno Treaty. Guaranteeing not to try and
change Germany's borders with Belgium and France
1926 Germany accepted into League of Nations
Young Plan further lightened reparations and led to the last of the British,
French and Belgium troops from the Rhineland.…read more

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