What was the Impact of the First World War on Irish Politics?


What was the Impact of the First World War on Irish Politics?

Before the outbreak of war, the Third Home Rule had been introduced in Parliament and was progressing towards the statute book. However, in the interests of the British War Effort, it was decided that on the outbreak of war, the bill's progresion would be postponed. 

The Ulster Volunteer force and Irish Volunteer Force fought alongside the British forces in the war as they believed it would strengthen their position when it came to the time to reintroduce Home Rule. and it ould most certainly be achieved. However, some Nationalists saw the war as a result of German aggression and although it was 'just' it was not their conflict. This may have been influenced by the fact that Germany, like many Nationalists, were predominantly Catholic. Many Nationalists refused to take part alongside the British and stayed at home. To disassociate themselves from the Irish Volunteers, they rebranded their faction the National Volunteer Force. 

The UVF along with many other unionists involved in the war became the 36th Ulster Division who were involved in one of the Aliies greatest defeats in The Battle of the Somme, which had many injuries and deaths for British troops. London saw this as an unignorable sacrifice from the Unionists and therefore as an…


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