The Consequences of the First World War - Germany

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  • The Consequences of the First World War
    • Political impact
      • 9 November: Kaiser Wilhem abdicated and Council of People's Representatives formed
      • Ebert feared Communism
    • Economic impact
      • Industrial impact 2/3 that of 1913
      • National income 1/3 that of 1913
      • 600,000 widows and 2 million fatherless children
    • The impact on the people
      • Loss was a shock
      • Navy disagreed with armistice
      • Navy mutiny followed by soviets
    • Social impact
      • Deepened divisions between classes
      • Women workers during the war. Threatened family values
    • The establishment of a Republic
      • Ebert signed an armistice allowing freedom of speech and worship, and  introduced better working conditions
      • The 'stab-in-the-back' myth emerged


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