1906 Election, New Liberalism and Poverty




  • US is growing but Britain is growing slower
  • less agriculture industry
  • 10% own own 90% of Britains wealth
    leads trade action e.g., ships,steel,coal and textiles

Political situation

  • many call for reform
  • female public and 1/3 of men cannot vote
  • Ireland want more national control
  • not a very good democracy but not as bad as others like Russia
  • Parliamentary Monarchy

Political parties

  • Liberals
  • Conservatives
  • Labour

Society and Religious Values

  • pride in empire
  • north-south divide (social divisions)
  • some criticise Boer War after one year (put wives into concentration camps)
  • Christianity


  • 1/4 of the world
  • vast resources

Social conditions

  • 4 million at or below the poverty line
  • Boer war shows lack of nutrition
  • stark wealth divide (1/3 of income went to 3% of population; 89% of property is owned by 1 million people but 10% shared by 43 million)

Conservative Party

  • represents landowners, the Church of England and Big Businesses
  • voted for by mainly upper classes but also working and middle classes
    beliefs in limited government interference, keeping Irish rule and a strong foreign policy promoting British interests and the empires

Liberal Party

  • middle classes, non-conformists, skilled craftsmen, business men, Trade unions
  • believed in limited government interference, Irish Home Rule, lessen the effects of privilege and being hostile to imperialism
  • in Wales, the disestablishment of Anglican church

Free Trade= no tariffs in and out of country

Labour Party

  • working man
  • believes in Trade Unions, Welfare, Health care and housing that is accessible and reduction in private ownership

Irish Nationalist Party

  • predominately Catholic areas of Ireland
  • aligned by Liberals (Home Rule was supported by Liberals)


Boer War

  • the longer the war runs the more costly in lives and money
  • some methods used to defeats the Boers were unethical e.g., putting wives of Boers in concentration camps
  • exposes the malnutrition in Britain during Conservative leadership (1/3 recruits rejected on medical grounds)

1902 Education Act

  • provides for LEA (Local Educational Authority) funding for both…


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