OCR - Enquiry topic: Social Issues 1900-1918 (COMPLETE)

Complete and detailed notes for Social Issues topic of Enquiry topic - England & a New Century c.1900-1951

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Britain 1900-51 (OCR)

Enquiry topic- England & a New Century c.1900-1951
Social Issues 1900-18

1. Development of new liberalism
2. Debate over poverty and national efficiency
3. The Liberal Reforms

New Liberalism and Gladstonian Liberalism
"Gladstonian" Liberalism


1. Free trade
o trade free of tariffs (taxes…

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o Did not help/was not promoted to win the 1906 election

Debate over poverty and national efficiency


Debate centred on how to deal with it
Lead to introduction of the Poor Law from 1905-1909
Poverty was seen a moral issue ­ widespread availability of private charities for
deserving cases…

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2. School medical inspections 1907
Doctors and nurses went to schools providing free compulsory
medical checks
Could recommend any necessary treatment
Treatment payment by parents till 1910
3. Education act 1907
Scholarships for children from poor families
Secondary schools received money from the local government to
reserve 20% of places…

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Covered 10 million men and 4 million women
4. National Insurance Act 1912
Necessary to deal with people periodically out of work
Open to industry with seasonal employment ­ shipbuilding
Workers, employers and government paid 2d per week for insurance
When unemployed workers got paid 7s 6d for up…


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