OCR - Enquiry topic: Political Issues 1900-1914 (COMPLETE)

Complete and detailed notes for Political Issues topic of Enquiry topic - England & a New Century c.1900-1951. All the other sections are on my profile

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Britain 1900-51 (OCR)

Enquiry topic- England & a New Century c.1900-1951
Political Issues 1900-1914

1. England in 1900
2. Major political parties
3. Liberal Landslide + Reasons
4. Origins and development of Labour Party and Trade Unions 1893-1914
5. Constitutional crisis, causes + consequences
6. Women suffrage 1906-1914
7. The…

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o UK = 2.3 USA = 4.6
o Caused by WW1
o No longer the biggest manufacturer
o Industrial relations crisis between the new trade unions increasing in
membership & power & the employers

Four main political parties

1. The Conservative Party
Officially conservatives & unionists party
Founded in 1834…

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o Winning the khaki election
7. Weakness of their opponents

Lord Salisbury & the liberal split

o Capitalised on the split of the Liberal Party over Home Rule in Ireland in 1886.
This consolidated the Conservative's political dominance.
o Following the split he promoted limited reforms in government designed to…

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Conservative resignation

When a PM senses that they have lost the public's confidence they will normally call
a general election.
INSTEAD Balfour announced his party's resignation from government
Therefore Campbell-Bannerman was asked to form a government
Balfour considered resignation a smart move
Assumed the liberals would do badly due to…

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Workers felt their wages & jobs depended on it
Choice between dear & cheap food & having a job or not

2. Irish land Act 1902
Brought the conservatives more scorn then praise
Now seen as a very enlightened move- contributing significantly to the
Irish problem
£100 million was made…

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6. Taff Vale Case
Energised the trade unions, threatened the right to strike
The Taff Vale Railway Company sued the Amalgamated Society of
Railway Servants for damages after a strike.
The company won & the ASRS had to pay damages & costs of £51,000.
After Taff Vale, there was an…

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Better Campaign
Franchise reform- decrease in voters in conservative areas & increase in
w/c voters
Ability to mobilise previous untapped support

Development of Labour and the Trade Unions
o By 1906 the Labour party was small, but a growing political force
o Attempts made in 1880s to create a…

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Provoke the house of lords into, giving the liberals an accuse to curb their power

Through the budget LG wanted to establish key principles of:
Redistributive taxation ­ "Robin Hood Tax"
Progressive taxation ­ more money earned = higher % of tax

Needed to find £10 million to tackle poverty…

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Irish nationalists ­ 82

Discussion turned against the HoL's interests
LG wanted the HoL abolished
Churchill suggested a second elected chamber
Asquith proposed more Liberal peers

The bill passed quickly and quietly through the HoL after the Commons showed a majority

The Parliament Bill 1911
Liberals determined to reduce the…

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Became known as the suffragettes.
Leaders especially Pankhurst and her daughter Christabel acquired heroic
status among members
Openly supported Labour, the party most committed to electoral reform
Deeds not words
One single aim
From 1905 dominated the political scene
1905-8 campaign of disruption and large parades on streets
1908 conciliation…


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