Virgil 887-952 (English Translation)

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Virgil 887-952

Aeneas meanwhile pressed on and brandished his spear, as huge as a tree and he spoke as follows from his cruel heart; 'What now is the delay then? Or why do you Turnus now draw back? You must compete not in race but with savage weapons face to face. Turn yourself into all shapes and summon up whatever you are strong whether in spirit or skill; choose to head for the high stars on wings and to hide <yourself> shut up in the hollow earth.' Shaking his head the other/that man <said> 'Your seething words don't scare, you you savage man, the gods and Jupiter my enemy scare me.' Saying nothing more, he looked round and caught sight of a huge rock, a huge ancient rock, which by chance was in the field. A boundary-stone, paced in the field to settle a dispute about farming. Tweleve chosen men could scarcely support it on <their> shoulders<s>, bodies of men such as the earth produces now. That hero rising up higher [to his full hieght] and rushing at speed, tried to hurl the [stone] he's seized at the enemy with trembling hand[s]. But he didn't have any sense of himself, either as he ran or as he went, or as he lifted or as he  moved the huge rock with <his> hand<s>. His knees gave way and his blood cold with a chill froze. Then the stone itself rolling across the space empty of man [where no man was], nor did it pass over the whole open space, nor did it carry home its blow. And just as in dreams; when exhausted sleep forces [our] eyes to close. At night, in vain we seem to want to stretch out our eager runnning and in the middle of our struggles we fall down, feebly; our tongue lacks strength, our familiar strength fails our body; neither voice nor words obey: in just this way the terrible goddess [The Fury] denied success to Turnus with whatever courage he sought a way [no matter how hard he tried]. Then changing feelings whirled around in his…


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