Using the Mark Scheme for Structured Papers

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Using the Mark Scheme for Structured Papers

1. This mark scheme gives you; * an idea of the type of response expected
* how individual marks are to be awarded
* the total mark for each question
* examples of responses that should not receive credit.

2. ; separates points for the award of each mark.

3. / means that the responses are alternatives and either answer should receive full credit.

4. ( ) means that a phrase/word is not essential for the award of the mark but helps the examiner to get the sense of the expected answer.

5. Phrases/words in bold indicate that the meaning of the phrase/word is essential to the answer.

6. OWTTE (or words to that effect) and eq (equivalent) indicate that valid alternative answers
(which have not been specified) are acceptable.

7. ‘Ignore’ means that this answer is not worth a mark but does not negate an…


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