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AQA Geography Revision

Changing Urban Environments ­ Unit 2A

Urbanisation is the growth in proportion of a country's population living in urban areas. It's happening
in countries all over the world ­ more than 50% of the world's population currently live in urban areas
and this is increasing every…

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However, there are limits to the Burgess model:
The model is now quite old and was developed before the advent of mass car ownership.
New working and housing trends have emerged since the model was developed. Many people now
choose to live and work outside the city on the urban…

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There is too much traffic in most urban environments, therefore most cities are improving public
transport, increasing car parking fines, bus priority lanes (making buses quicker) and pedestrianized
areas. This will all reduce the pollution of using cars, as well as making less traffic. People of a certain
culture will…

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1) Sustainable living means doing things in a way that lets the people living now have the things they
need, but without reducing the ability of people in the future to meet their needs. (acquiring
resources now that do not harm the source, that can be acquired at a later…


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