Urban Environments Case Studies

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Land use patterns to show distributions of social/ethnic groups

  • Socio-economic segregation due to social, economic & historial factors
  • Social: close to people of same ethnic group (Chinatown); racial stereotypes
  • Economic: close to work in CBD; urban planning policy
  • Historical: large migrations meant they competed for oldest housing
  • Beverly Hills & distribution of area: landlord discriminating policies legal
  • Development in some areas, not in others
  • Effects: increase in segregation & discrimination
  • State of CA, USA
  • Fringe rural-urban, wealthier people can afford to live
  • Minority groups growing to become the majority

Sao Paolo

Shanty town management in LIC 

  • Relentless growing social economic gap
  • 30% live below poverty line
  • Hold city back from developing
  • Great challenge to tackle; needs sustainability
  • Lacks basic structures: water,


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