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Urban Environments

Reasons for differing rates of urbanisation

1. LICs are experiencing industrial boom as HICs have- TNCs attracted by cheap labour and
favourable tax regulations to cities such as Beijing. Jobs pull people from rural areas and so cities

2. Urbanisation slowing in HICs- large portion of population…

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Urban Environments

HIC Land Use Theory
-Most desirable land in centre (most
-Land most valuable in CBD, so grows
upwards, not outwards
-Industry located along main roads
-1. CBD: shops, businesses
-2. Transition zone: industry, factories
-3. Low class residential (old inner city),
uniform blocks of houses
-4. Middle…

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Urban Environments

Core- oldest part, usually contains CBD

Inner-city ring- early suburban area, usually low class, some
evidence of old industry (eg. Mills)

Suburban ring- present suburbs, mostly housing

Urban fringe- countryside being eroded by growing city to provide
space for residential (and some non-residential) use

- Further from core,…

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Urban Environments

Characteristics: limited access to clean water, little/no sewage/electricity, weak building materials
(e.g. Cardboard)
Self-help housing: housing improved by owner with tools and training supplied to them. Made of
better quality materials than the usual cardboard/tarpaulin (e.g. Bricks)

Urban Segregation
The concentration of different ethnic, religious or socio-economic…

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Urban Environments

Sarratt- suburbanised village
- Many houses along roads leading out of village
- Poorer younger locals displaced by richer incomers as house prices rise
- More demand more services (e.g. Blubeckers eating house, Harvest Moon Organic Farm,
garage, small supermarket, off licenses)
- Still primary school, GP, post…

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Urban Environments

Views of locals

Farmers - Angry if land built on
- Happy if not to buy/sell supplies/produce to centre

Locals from nearby - Thrilled for shopping
villages - Annoyed: air/noise pollution, traffic

Owners of Willows Farm Worried noise -> scare animals

Conservationists Resent loss of wildlife

Owners of…

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Urban Environments
- Partnerships- local government and private sector working together to fund redevelopment projects

Groups involved in redevelopment
Group Roles/responsibilities

Newhman, Southwark, Tower Hamlets local Approve/reject schemes, provide some funding,
councils set tax prices

National government Created LDDC and Isle of Dogs EZ,financial
help, improved transport infrastructure

Property developers…


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