UNIT 1/ Medicine and Treatment


The Renaissance c1350AD - c1750

The Church

  • many of the ideas of the Church continued (eg hospitals, galen, training of doctors)
  • but during the Renasissance the power of the Church challenged by new inventions (the printing press and new medical knowledge) and the work of Vesalius and Harvey 

Ideas about disease - similar to Roman Britain

  • miasma
  • four humours
  • god sent disease

Ideas about disease - were there any good ideas?

  • Bills of mortality during the great plague (introduced by the Lord Mayor of London)
  • use of leechbooks
  • doctors studied the urine

Vesalius - c1550

Challenged relgion and encouraged science

  • showed how and why galen had made mistakes (200)
  • showed the importance of dissection in adding to medical knowledge
  • weakened the grip…


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