History Of Medicine

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History Of Medicine
The Slides In Blue Are Time Periods.
The Slides In Green Are People
The Slides In Yellow Are Public Health…read more

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Prehistoric Medicine
· They had little understanding of causes and treatment of
illnesses. Magic, religion and the supernatural played a big
part in medicine. Consultations with shaman and witch
doctors to obtain cures. Possession by evil spirits was cured
with trephining, the cutting/ drilling of a hole in the skull.
Some did survive the treatment as there is evidence of the
bone healing.
· There was an element of common sense used in curing some
illnesses. Herbal medicine was used for fevers and stomach
problems. Ointments made from mosses, leaves, bark and
animal fats were used in cuts. Clay, mud and wood were
used to treat broken bones to help them set. Massages with
various substances could have helped to stimulate blood flow
but were originally connected with evil sprits.…read more

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Prehistoric Medicine - Evidence
· The bones of the prehistoric people show us
that they were able to survive diseases,
injuries and even the trephining of the skull.
· Cave paintings show various magic and
religious rituals. However there is a lack of
written work so historians can only have
· A study of modern civilisations who lived in a
similar way to the prehistoric people, from
this historians have derived theories.…read more

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Ancient Egyptian Medicine
· The ancient Egyptian's had thinkers, priests, doctors and
they were more advanced than prehistoric groups they
still had similar supernatural beliefs.
· They believed in many Gods and Goddesses who were
believed to cause the illnesses. Sekhmet, caused and
cured epidemics, Thoth, gave doctors skills, Tawaret,
ensured safe pregnancy and childbirth. They used pray
and spells to cure illnesses.
· The invention of writing was very important to be able
to record knowledge and records of observations made.
The invention of writing also allowed knowledge to
spread around the world.…read more

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Ancient Egyptian Medicine -
· They also had a wide range of natural cures. Willow bark
was used as an antiseptic, herbal ointments and potions
were used, drugs such as opium and cannabis, simple
operations were carried out on cysts and tumours, healthy
diets were important and lots of surgical instruments were
used. They trained doctors who followed strict rules and
procedures. Although some books from this time period
were lost some cures were recorded else where.
· Religious beliefs held them back a little but they also
helped them to progress. During mummification they
discovered a lot about the human anatomy. Also
cleanliness was very important, toilets and mosquito nets
were developed, they bathed and shaved regularly.…read more

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Ancient Greek Medicine
· Thinking and debates were very important to the
ancient Greeks. They believed that the world was
controlled by Gods and Goddesses. Like the
Egyptians did. Philosophers began to replace the
supernatural beliefs with rational ones. In about
560bc Anaximander suggested that all things were
made up from four elements (Fire, Water, Earth,
· The Greeks were influenced by the Egyptians.
· Despite the rational explanations there were still
supernatural beliefs which were more important.…read more

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